A guide to planning a wedding weekend

As you may have noticed from my website, I really love a wedding weekend. In fact, not extending my celebrations is my biggest wedding day regret, you can read more about that here.

Image by Binky Nixon

There are so many options when it comes to extending your celebrations, my personal preference is hiring a venue that allow you to take over from Friday to Sunday, enabling you to have a mini break with all your favourite people.

You may think that have a full wedding weekend would dramatically increase your budget, but in reality there are lots of ways to make a wedding weekend kind to your pocket too. Here are just a few tips to help you get started…

  • Not all your guests need to attend the pre and post celebrations. You may decide that only your nearest and dearest come to the Friday night dinner and Sunday walk, or perhaps just the people staying on site are invited to these elements.
  • Focus your energy on the wedding day. This is the main event so think about this first, allocate budget to the other days but concentrate on the wedding first!
  • Make it easy. Make sure that you make the additional events as easy to attend as possible, as many of your guests will be new to the area. Think about hosting everything in one place or providing travel.
  • Make the additional activities simple. The pre and post events don’t need to be as elaborate as the big day, in fact I would recommend that they aren’t!
  • Get some help, hosting an entire weekend can be stressful and let’s face it you have enough to think about in the run up to the wedding. It might be family, friends or even a professional but get some help! Take a look at my wedding planning services here for more details on how I can help you or drop me an email on [email protected]   

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