My wedding day regret!

I know, I know, I’ve told you all about my wedding many times! But, if you haven’t seen all the details then check out my post about the wedding day and about my disaster (you might not believe it!). 

Today I wanted to write about my wedding day regret and it’s not the details or dress. I loved my wedding day and am often asked what I would change. The answer is mostly nothing. It might be shocking but I love my timeless, contemporary wedding held in a stunning country house.

Pudding Bridge Wedding

But, I would change the duration of my wedding. Rather than just one day I would have loved to extend my celebration. The day flew by so quickly, I wish I had had some more time to catch up with old friends and family I don’t see very often.

That’s why I love the new trend of full weekend weddings, ones that kick off on Friday and finish on Sunday. I wish we had done that, I know it’s more to plan (and perhaps more expensive) but to me a wedding or celebration is as much about the guests as the decorative details and romance!

Pudding Bridge Wedding

So today I want you to consider how you can extend your celebration. There are so many amazing venues which let you use them from the Friday evening until Sunday lunchtime. Or perhaps you’ve chosen your venue but want to add something the following day. A pub lunch and walk or perhaps a BBQ at home? Whatever it is, consider what you could do to spend more time with people you love!

Wondering how you can plan it all? Why don’t you let me help you? I love to help couples plan an extended weekend wedding. That way you can put your feet up, relax and I’ll help pull everything together. Just drop me a line on [email protected] to book your free consultation & Hire best wedding planner in Bristol.