My wedding day disaster!

From guests being sick all over the top table to drunk uncles and fist fights on the dance floor, we’ve all heard some wedding horror stories. But today I want to share my very own big day disaster, as well as the lessons I learned along the way.

I was a tricky bride. Looking back, some of it was silly, but it was so important to me that we got the little details right. I spent 18 months planning my wedding and quickly picked out the perfect dress. It was figure-hugging, covered in gorgeous lace and finished with a chic fish-tail skirt.

I loved it, like totally LOVED it! I ordered it pretty early, around a year in advance. I went for all my fittings and everything was on track. The entire wedding was planned to perfection.

Then, out of the blue, my Dad called me at work. He never really calls, so I picked up thinking something was awfully wrong! He told me that in our local paper there was a news article about a wedding shop that had gone into liquidation.

Guess what? It was my wedding dress shop! ARGHHHHHH!

I called and called and called and called. This was just two weeks before I was due to get married. My fiancé dashed to the shop and it was all locked up. Can you imagine? I was totally freaking out! How was I going to get my dress, or any dress, within two weeks?

So, I did the only thing I could. I contacted my dream wedding dress shop (the one I couldn’t really afford) and made an appointment for later that afternoon. I called my Mum and my sisters, who all downed sticks and came along with me. We picked what can only be described as the perfect, timeless wedding dress. A Jenny Packham. A stunning, amazing JP!

But between leaving work and arriving at my appointment I realised something. I realised that marrying Mark was the important bit. The details matter, the dress matters, but what really matters was that I was marrying my true love. I could have walked down the aisle in a bin bag and he wouldn’t have cared. I probably would have, but he wouldn’t!

My message to you today is to remember what your wedding day is really about; being with the people you love and marrying your best friend.

Oh, and make sure you purchase wedding insurance. They covered the entire cost of my new dress!

p.s. Want to see more from my wedding day? Take a look at this blog for the full details!

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