3 Ways to Capture the Fun of a DIY Photobooth

Pudding Bridge Booth in a Box DIY Wedding Photobooth

Here at Pudding Bridge,  we love a photbooth. While formal photographs are an absolute must at weddings and events, there’s something special about the candid moments you can capture once people start playing around with props and costumes.

Hiring a photobooth can get super expensive, so we created the Booth in a Box. It’s packed full of all the various bits and bobs you need to create the perfect DIY photobooth experience, and all for just £125 including nationwide delivery and collection. You can find out everything you need to know about a Pudding Bridge Booth in a Box here.

But how do you capture the fun? How do you take those all important photos?

Here are our suggestions…

Option 1 – Use Your Photographer

Although this is the most expensive option, you’ll be left with amazing high res images of you and your guests enjoying the booth. Ask your photographer to make room in their schedule and enlist some of the bridal party to round-up participants and help everyone striking a pose.

Option 2 – Fancy Apps and iPhone

Why not set up an iPhone or iPad on a tripod and let your guests take their own photos? We LOVE the incredibooth app. It’s brilliant, easy to use and produces fabulous photobooth strips just like the old days! It even provides a handy count down before taking each photo.

You can either print these out there and then using a wireless printer or save them up and have fun printing them after your honeymoon.

Option 3 – Disposable and Polaroid Cameras

This is an easy option, but you are not 100% guaranteed fabulous photos. For a big celebration, buy in bulk and then leave them out and let your guests go wild!

And remember…

Whichever option you choose, you should consider putting some of your bridal party in charge of the booth. Bridesmaids or ushers can help everyone dress-up and get ready to face the camera. They can even shout quirky instructions to help make the photos as fun as possible!

You can find out more about our fabulous DIY photobooth here or check availability right away by emailing [email protected]